Top American metros for hybrid car sales



Below are the Top 15 metro areas in the United States for hybrid car sales. Congratulations to these cities and their residents. The only unfortunate part is they only represents four states – Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Hopefully, over the next decade, a broader range of states will be represented. We, in the rest of the country need to step it up.

  1. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA 9.4% of all sales
  2. Monterey/Salinas, CA 8.84 %
  3. Eugene, OR 7.89%
  4. Santa Barbara, CA 7.5%
  5. San Diego, CA 7.13%
  6. Eureka, CA 6.97%
  7. Los Angeles, CA 6.62%
  8. Chico/Redding, CA 6.06%
  9. Palm Springs, CA 6.03%
  10. Portland, OR/WA 5.95%
  11. Seattle/Tacoma, WA 5.9%
  12. Sacramento, CA 5.85%
  13. Bend, OR 5.61%
  14. Medford/Klamath Falls, OR 5.60%
  15. Tuscon, AZ 4.89%

U.S. Average: 2.87%

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5 Responses to Top American metros for hybrid car sales

  1. Peter Hoag says:

    Four states, but more than 60% of which are in California alone – for the whole country. Amazing! Why? Thanks for posting these numbers – Peter


  2. Peter Hoag says:

    Interestingly, most of the smaller concentrations of hybrids appear to be located in strong tourist economies. What’s surprising is that these smaller places don’t even support enough people to quality as MSAs. These numbers are truly baffling! Based on the Europeans’ preference for diesels over hybrids, I have a hunch that even in this country diesels are more ubiquitous than the hybrids – but if this is true I have no idea why. My suspicions are that the Western US premature adoption of the hybrids (and I too own one!) will soon pass in preference for diesels and e-cars.


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