Sorting out the geography of air delivery



Below are lists of the primary sorting facilities (hubs) for the two largest air delivery firms in the world – UPS and Fedex. The first airport listed in bold is their principle worldwide hub, while the others are the company’s national and/or regional hubs.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

  • Louisville, Kentucky – WORLDPORT – 5,200,000 sq. ft., 252 flights/day
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – East Coast Regional Hub – 681,000 sq. ft., 44 flights/day
  • Columbia, South Carolina – Southeast Regional Hub – 281,000 sq. ft., 10 flights/day
  • Ontario, California – West Coast Regional Hub – 779,000 sq. ft., 38 flights/day
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas – Southwest Regional Hub – 323,000 sq. ft., 22 flights/day
  • Rockford (Chicago), Illinois – Midwest Regional Hub – 586,000 sq. ft., 30 flights/day
  • Miami, Florida – Latin America/Caribbean Regional Hub – 36,000 sq. ft., 24 flights/day
  • Hamilton, Ontario – Canadian Regional Hub – 31,000 sq. ft., 19 flights/day
  • Cologne-Bonn, Germany – European Regional Hub – 323,000 sq. ft., 72 flights/day
  • Shenzhen, China – 958,000 sq. ft., 16 flights/day
  • Hong Kong, China – 44,000 sq. ft., 12/flights/day
  • Shanghai, China – 1,000,000 sq. ft., 12 flights/day

The feeder airports to this system can be viewed through this weblink for the 97 airports in the United States and this second weblink for the 112 international airports. Fascinating maps for UPS’s air routes in North America and Europe are provided below. Separate maps for Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and South America can viewed via this weblink.

UPS North America - Source:

UPS North America – Source:

UPS Europe - Source:

UPS Europe – Source:

Fedex (formerly Federal Express)

Fedex’s feeder airports in the USA can be found by airport code through this weblink. A worldwide map of he Fedex system is shown below.

Fedex Route Map = Source:

Fedex Route Map = Source:



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10 Responses to Sorting out the geography of air delivery

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    cAn’t wait to see more articles on air freight and intermodal centers…


  2. Mal says:

    At least three of the facility sizes you have listed were incorrect from the day they were posted and remain so. The Memphis sorting facility is 5.6 million square feet according to this source: Google Earth measurements show the Indianapolis sorting facility at 1.4 million square feet since 2007 and FedEx has occupied and not changed the Newark sorting facility since 2005 and it is about 500,000 Square feet. The Memphis and Newark sizes you cited might be closer to the total property size for each however by convention those should have been listed in acres instead. The Indianapolis would have started much larger in that case. This information seems to have come from several sources who were not authoritative.


  3. Yves Boquet says:

    Your maps seem out of date. Fedex has closed down its hub operation at Subic Bay, Philippines, for many years. And it has expeanded greatly in Dubai. Your maps do not reflect it. Please use up-to-date informations.


  4. Rick, I’m being a grammar nanny today, sorry… This clause “The first airport listed in bold is their principle worldwide hub…” should read principal not principle.


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