The sweet harmony of beer and pizza in Grand Rapids

IMG_0228On Saturday night, we had a chance to stop by a fairly new brewpub in the trendy Eastown Business District of Grand Rapids. Harmony Brewing Company opened its doors approximately a year ago near the intersection of Lake and Wealthy Streets.


If last Saturday evening was any indication, Harmony Brewing is still going strong. The place was absolutely packed when we arrived with a line waiting by the door.


The specialty pizzas looked and smelled delicious (we already had dinner earlier) and the brews top-notch. I tried the Golden Lion Tamarin and greatly enjoyed it’s mildly hoppy taste. Both Alison and I are looking forward to a return visit to try their popular pizza offerings (eat in or take out) and their interesting selection of beers on tap. Congrats to everyone in Grand Rapids for supporting yet another excellent brewpub dotting this terrific city’s local landscape.

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2 Responses to The sweet harmony of beer and pizza in Grand Rapids

  1. Erik says:

    the wife and i are headin up this weekend to see her sister pending old man winter having different plans for us.

    i think it should be noted for economic dev./tourism pros out there, that the first thing she does is scour the area for restaurants (online, since that’s what people our age do). let’s just say we’ll be eating and drinking 44 out of 60 hours according to her plans.


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