The EV of a new era

Each time I see an EV (electric vehicle) charging station installed, I am heartened that our dependence on fossil fuels may be starting to wane.  According to ChargePoint, more than 10,600 of their stations have been installed. The photo below is a brand new ChargePoint Station installed at the new Studio C Cinemas on Greater Lansing’s east side.

Chargepoint Station at Studio C - photo by LeRoy Harvey

ChargePoint Station at Studio C – photo by LeRoy Harvey

Movie theaters are a perfect place to have EV charging stations because you are guaranteed to be there for at least two hours while enjoying the show. Libraries can be an excellent location too for those studying and conducting research there. Here is a picture of the Eaton charging station installed at the East Lansing Public Library.



As a result, I decided to ponder other possible locations where EV charging stations would be useful. Below is my list. Please feel free to add more locations. Hopefully, as the technology advances, EV charging will be reduced to about the time it takes to fill us a gas tank, making charging stations practical almost anywhere we park our cars.

  • Places of employment
  • Spas and salons
  • Airports – both long and short-term parking areas
  • Passenger railroad and commuter rail stations
  • Museums and performing arts
  • Sit down restaurants with table service
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Arenas, stadiums, and similar places
  • Bowling alleys and tennis clubs
  • Golf courses – you are out there 2-4 hours
  • Park n’ ride/carpool lots
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