The U.P.’s legend of Stormy Kromer



Most of you, who are not from Michigan or Wisconsin, are probably wondering who the heck is Stormy Kromer and why am I writing about him. Well, to put it simply, he and his wife Ida invented a wonderfully comfortable and warm cap in 1903. The caps are still hand-stitched today in the historic western Upper Peninsula city of Ironwood. In addition to their namesake hats, the company has developed a line of other products including scarves, clothes, and bags.

As the story goes, Mr. Kromer was a semi-pro baseball player and a railroad engineer. A downside of his job was that he would regularly lose his hat to windy gusts that blow through the engine. In addition his ears would get cold from the biting north winds. Stormy asked his wife to try to create something out of one of his baseball caps that would be comfortable, warm, and would not blow off his head. Together, they came up with the Stormy Kromer cap and the rest, as they say, is history.


I have owned my Stormy Kromer cap for roughly a decade and find it to be durable, warm and very, very comfortable.  Aside from it fitting in a manner that prevents it from blowing off your head, the other unique feature is its patented earflap that slides up and down over the top of your ears as you need it to keep them warm on frosty days.

Stormy and Ida Kromer - Source:

Stormy and Ida Kromer – Source:

With 2013 being the 110th anniversary of Stormy (George) and Ida’s wonderful (and useful) invention, I would like to celebrate by expressing my thanks to them for such a great and well-crafted product and wish the company many more years of continued success.

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