Here comes the sun for EV charging stations



Over the past weekend I learned that Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo has recently installed a bank of solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in one of its parking lots. What a terrific idea!

This design eliminates the need for costly electric infrastructure improvements, uses Mother Nature as the power source instead of fossil fuels, and in theory eliminates the need for the property owner and/or the vehicle owner would have to pay a utility for the electric charge since it is derived from sunlight.
Here is a brief video about the facility at Western Michigan University.
Certainly, there will be some places that will still charge a fee for use of a solar-powered EV charger in order to recover their installation and maintenance costs, plus earn a profit – privately owned parking garages come to mind.
The applications for solar-powered EV charging stations is only limited by access to sunlight and one’s imagination. Top floors of multi-deck parking garages, public parks, schools, vast wastelands of asphalt in commercial districts and around stadiums, hotels, and even residences. Below is an example of a solar-powered charging station located in Como Park in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.


Kudos to the Western Michigan Bronco’s for bucking the trend by employing this application of solar-power and for being an innovative trend-setter here in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.
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2 Responses to Here comes the sun for EV charging stations

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    i know at Devil’s Lake, North Dakota motels have charging stations to be used in winters to keep your car’s engine from freezing overnight for use the next day…like old horse hitching posts. That’s a different reason from this, but could be adapted for use for electric cars…


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