Ya’ learn something new every day

Source: interstate-guide.com

Source: interstate-guide.com

While on our whirlwind trip to Indianapolis and back this weekend, my middle son told me something new he had learned just recently. Did you know that the exit number located at the of expressway signs are supposed to be positioned on the side of the sign where the exit is located? In other words, if the exit number is on the top right of the sign, the exit will be to the right and if it is located at the top left of the sign, then the exit will be to the left.

Source: aaroads.com

Source: aaroads.com

I had no idea! I have been studying maps since I was a kid and driving for nearly many years and never realized this little tidbit of information. Just goes to show you that you never stop learning. I would be curious to learn if this is also true along highways, byways, freeways, tollways, autobahns, autoroutes, autopistas, and other expressways outside the United States.

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7 Responses to Ya’ learn something new every day

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    It IS amazing what we can learn from them if we let them talk! Didn’t know that either!


  2. Dianna A says:

    Now if only people would remember the interstate ramps are specifically designed so the car is “up to speed” by the end of the ramp as one enters traffic to make merging easy. LOL!


  3. Tina White says:

    We don’t have a lot of left-lane exits here in CA, but where they do exist, they’re as confusing as heck. Thanks for the info; between that and learning that McDonald’s Filet of Fish discount pricing takes place during Lent each year, I’ve had a very informative weekend! 😀


    • Rick Brown says:

      Thank you, Tina. We have way too many left exits here both as off ramps and on ramps. The on ramps are a pain as you enter into the high speed lane. Never understood why MDOT does that so often.


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