A zombie film with a heart

Source: justredjr.com

Source: justjaredjr.com

I went to see the movie Warm Bodies last night with two of my sons, as we decided to shy away from Oz due to its reviews. We were very pleasantly surprised by this introspective,  heartfelt, and at times, quite humorous love story between a young woman and a male zombie. Given Director Jonathan Levine’s cinematic skills with the terrific film 50/50, we should not have been.

Warm Bodies is based on the novel by Isaac Marion. While it probably won’t win any major film awards, its two main characters, R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie (Teresa Palmer) provide plenty of on-screen chemistry, fun, and romance to tickle you fancy and warm your heart. My favorite scene in the entire movie is the reaction of the other zombies when Julie holds R’s hand – definitely a moment of cinematic treasure.

Several other aspects I really liked about this movie are the soundtrack with its great selection of songs and the film’s hopeful look at a post-apocalypse era. There’s enough gloom and doom portrayed in movies and the news – Warm Bodies gives us a temporary break from that mindset, a-la WALL-E. I also think Nicholas Hunt does an excellent job portraying a zombie, including details such as how he runs.

Source: joblo.com

Source: joblo.com

In 2013’s post-Oscar season, Warm Bodies certainly qualifies as a very enjoyable and entertaining new movie release that will capture your heart. Enjoy!

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