Super pooper power producer



Last week I had the opportunity to hear an interesting presentation on Michigan State University’s (MSU) new anaerobic digester power system that is under construction on the south end of its campus in East Lansing. The first phase will be capable of producing 450 kW of power when completed later this year by digesting approximately 23,000 tons of waste per year.



According to the presenter, Dana Kirk, PhD, PE, the majority of the waste for use in the digester will come from manure produced from the school’s farms, but approximately 30 percent will be derived from pre- and post-consumer food waste, primarily gathered from campus dormitories in the cooperation of Culinary Services. Additional sources will be derived from pre-consumer food waste obtained from the Meijer distribution and production center located on the west side of Greater Lansing.  The new facility will be in full operation during the late summer of 2013.

Congratulations to MSU for being at the forefront of alternative energy production and for finding ways for turning waste into viable biomass energy. Here is a weblink to a recent presentation about the new facility.

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