Five + five reasons why business should provide bicycle parking



The following paraphrased reasons for business to include bicycle parking were first summarized in a pamphlet entitled Bike Parking for Your Business, by the Chicago Department of Transportation in 1998. They are as true, if not more so, today in 2013.

  • Increase your overall parking capacity at very little cost.

  • Gain a competitive advantage by attracting bicycling customers.

  • Eliminates the clutter, hazards, and tree damage from haphazard bicycle parking.

  • Attract and retain health conscious customers and employees.

  • Good facilities attract more users over time.

Here are a five others that I would like to add:

  • Reduce health care costs and lost productivity due to illness by providing bicycle parking for improved employee health.
  • Many codes now provide incentives for adding bicycle parking, like allowing less motor vehicle spaces.
  • Helps reduce your overall carbon footprint and is good for Mother Earth.
  • Great public relations tool.
  •  It will make you feel good inside.
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3 Responses to Five + five reasons why business should provide bicycle parking

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Very true, and in an inner city area with lower income residents its even more important to provide bike racks since so many of one’s customers ride bikes out of necessity, not as an “environmental statement of choice”…worked for Krogers and saw this situation first hand…


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