Smitten by Mitten Brewing Company

IMG_0604Last evening, Alison and I decided to have dinner and drinks at a brand new brewpub in Grand Rapids that opened this past October. Mitten Brewing Company is located in lovingly restored 1890 historic landmark fire station (Engine House #9) on the near northwest side of the city along Leonard Avenue just west of U.S. 131.

Everything works incredibly well, from the restored fire house, to the superior beer, to the awesome pizza, to the baseball theme. It appears Mitten Brewing has hit a grand slam home run as the place was packed with patrons of all ages.


Whether or not you are a diehard baseball fan, there is nothing quite as enchanting as being greeted with former Tiger Stadium seats in the customer waiting area. But, that charming aspect is just the first interior delight in this amazing third place. Baseball memorabilia adorns the handsome and warm brick walls, but does not overwhelm the feel of the brewpub or the historic fire station. For example, the dining area occupies the area where fire trucks used to be parked and our table was close to the original brass fireman’s pole.  Future plans include restoration of the second floor for more dining and receptions.


Other fun baseball-oriented aspects of Mitten Brewing Company include:

  • Appetizers that include Cracker Jack-like caramel popcorn and peanuts.
  • Cute pizza names like Thai Cobb (great pun) and Field of Greens.

Both of us loved the restored historic building and thought the gourmet pizza (1/2 barbecue chicken and 1/2 Thai Cobb) was amazing. Personally, I thought Mitten’s Irish Red Ale was outstanding, topping my previous favorite red ale of Steelhead Red.


We plan to revisit the Mitten Brewing Company on a regular basis, as it’s a major league addition to GR’s tremendous array of superb craft beer and fun dining experiences.  It’s not necessarily a place for quiet conversations, but if you are in the Grand Rapids area and are looking for a great lineup or beers and food, slide on into Mitten Brewing Company.


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5 Responses to Smitten by Mitten Brewing Company

  1. tim potter says:

    Great review Rick. Really makes me want to visit and have a place like this in Lansing!


  2. Lisa Hooper says:

    Road trip! This summer!


  3. Dave Bee says:

    I am sorry to say that I haven’t stopped in yet. Maybe I’ll work it into a weekend brewery run…It will have to be a pretty long run to fit all of Grand Rapids’ breweries into the run!


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