A trek to Eagle Monk Brewpub

IMG_0619Last Friday afternoon, my middle son and I decided to partake the food and  craft beers at a newish brewpub in Greater Lansing called Eagle Monk. It is located on the west side of town along Mt. Hope Highway and just opened for business approximately seven months ago. While perhaps not as dazzling as other brewpubs I have visited, Eagle Monk has excellent beer (we both really liked the flavorful Irish Red), and very tasty Panini sandwiches, as well as pizza. In addition, the interior is quite inviting and friendly – I particularly like the beer mugs hanging from rafters and the carved woodwork displayed for sale on the walls.  According to our server, the pub rotates artists each month.


When asked about the origin of the name, the server indicated the owner wanted to represent both American patriotism (hence the Eagle) and beer brewing tradition (hence the Monk). All in all, it is very nice to have another craft brewing choice in the Greater Lansing marketplace. Both Eagle Monk and yet to be visited Bad Brewing in Mason opened during 2012 and have added new options to the surprisingly limited home-grown beer options here for being the site of a major university like Michigan State.


All the best to Eagle Monk as they build their regular clientele – given the number of mugs hanging from the rafters, it appears they have a great base to build from.  Kudos on some terrific beers and dining options!  We definitely plan to return for more.



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