More “GRand” engine houses



After my initial post last week about three grand engine houses which had been preserved in Grand Rapids, Michigan, two readers noted some other ones that I had missed. Thank you John and Dave for the suggestions. : )

Ever mindful of being as comprehensive as possible, I spent some time Saturday evening (3/30/13) photographing these two additions to the original list. A fascinating chronological history of the city’s engine houses is available through this fine weblink.

The first photo below is of the former three-bay, Engine House #7 (1891) located on Madison Avenue SE, just south of Franklin Street. This handsome historic structure is occupied by Tall Turf Ministries.

The second and third pictures below are of Engine House #11 (1902), located at the southeast corner of Diamond Avenue at Chester Street. This very large building is still being utilized as an Engine House in 2013, more than 110 years after its completion.



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2 Responses to More “GRand” engine houses

  1. Dave Bee says:

    Next time you’re in GR give me a shout!


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