“Flintstone” cities

Bedrock - Source: en.wikipedia.org

Bedrock – Source: en.wikipedia.org

Many members of my generation grew up watching the daily lives of the cartoon residents of Bedrock. Though the Flintstones characters lived in the Town of Bedrock, there are a number of actual cities and towns whose name could have easily “filled in” (bad pun) for Bedrock.  For a little fun today, these “yabba-dabba-do” places include the following (partial list):

  • Basalt, Colorado
  • Bedford (multiple states)
  • Big Stone Gap, Virginia
  • Blowing Rock, North Carolina
  • Flat Rock, Michigan and North Carolina
  • Flint, Michigan
  • Granite City, Illinois
  • Granite Falls, North Carolina
  • Granite Quarry, North Carolina
  • Granite Springs, New York
  • Grindstone City, Michigan
  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Marble Falls, Texas
  • Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • North Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Pebble Beach, California
  • Point of Rocks, Maryland
  • Quarryville, Pennsylvania
  • Quartz Hill, California
  • Quartzsite, Arizona
  • Rockaway, New Jersey
  • Rock City, Tennessee
  • Rock Creek, Minnesota
  • Rockford, Illinois and Michigan
  • Rockingham, North Carolina
  • Rock Island, Illinois
  • Rockland, Maine
  • Rockledge, Florida
  • Rockport (multiple states)
  • Rock Rapids, Iowa
  • Rock Springs, Wyoming
  • Rockton, Illinois
  • Rockville, Indiana and Maryland
  • Rockwood, Michigan
  • Rocky Ford, Colorado
  • Rocky Hill, Connecticut and Kentucky
  • Rocky Mount, North Carolina and Virginia
  • Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
  • Rocky Point, New York
  • Rocky Ridge, Ohio
  • Round Rock, Texas
  • Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
  • South Rockwood, Michigan
  • Stoneham, Massachusetts
  • Stone Harbor, New Jersey
  • Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Stone Park, Illinois
  • Stonewall, Louisiana
  • Stonington, Connecticut
  • Stony Creek, Connecticut and Ontario
  • Table Rock, Wyoming
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2 Responses to “Flintstone” cities

  1. Ron Melin says:

    Eagle Rock Ca. (L.A. suburb), Little Rock Ca. (Antelope Valley)


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