A big ROAR and PURRfection


The Joy Formidable

Still trying to regain my hearing, as last night’s concert in Lansing by The Joy Formidable was simply awesome. The title of the band’s first full length CD, The Big Roar was so aptly named as they just stoked up The Loft big time – I wouldn’t be surprised if residents of Holt and Grand Ledge could hear the blazing guitars and pounding drums some 10 miles away. Loud does not adequately describe this show – earsplitting comes closest.


Ritzy Bryan of The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable put on a blistering 90 minute set filled with a terrific playlist from both of their full-length CDs that varied from soft and tender (Silent Treatment) to eardrum popping rock that Ozzy and Slash would be proud of. Personal favorites during the show were Tendons, Silent Treatment, Wolf’s Law, and Whirring. I also greatly enjoyed Ritzy Bryan’s repartee with the audience.  Best of all, after their encore concluded, I got a chance to shake hands with Ritzy and Rhydian, and high-five Justin as they departed from the stage. Way cool!


A solo moment for Rhydian

Topping off the terrific show by The Joy Formidable were two opening acts, RIBS and KITTEN. RIBS was on their first tour and put on an entertaining 30 minute set, though the lyrics were kind of hard to hear.


KITTEN performing last night in Lansing

Meanwhile, KITTEN absolutely shredded The Loft, leaving no prisoners in their wake. Lead singer Chloe Chaidez commands your attention immediately, as she dances, prances, and head-bangs across the stage and into the audience like no performer I have ever seen, except Steven Tyler.  She (age 17) and her fellow band mates (all of whom are 21 and younger) are definitive rock superstars in the making. Chloe’s stage presence is downright bewitching as her ardent fervor grabs you from the first moment and emphatically declares, “you’re mine!”

Source: noisy.vice.com

Chloe Chaidez – Source: noisy.vice.com

Wow is about the only word that adequately describes KITTEN’s performance – that and the fact that there was a very, very long line of people waiting to buy merchandise after their set.  Each and every song during KITTEN’s 45 minute performance was flawless, with powerful lyrics, superior guitars, pounding drums, and dynamic keyboards. Included during their show was a near perfect cover of Prince’s Purple Rain.  KITTEN may be the band’s name, but they’re hardly soft and furry – instead, this band is “furocious” with razor-sharp claws scratching out infectious guitar riffs.

Source: facebook.com

KITTEN – Source: facebook.com

If you get a chance to see The Joy Formidable live, do! If one of the opening acts is KITTEN, be sure to catch them too, because you will be a witness to rock n’ roll history. Great show – this is what great rock and roll is about folks – intense, spellbinding, fun, raw, and real – nonstop energy all the way. Whew!!!

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