Abbreviated city nicknames



Below is my list of known abbreviated city nicknames. Any additions or corrections would be most welcome. Enjoy!

  • Albuquerque – Burque (added 12/26/21)
  • Ann Arbor, MI – A2
  • Chicago, IL – Chi-town
  • Cincinnati, OH – Cincy
  • Dallas, TX – Big D
  • East Lansing, MI – EL
  • Grand Rapids, MI – GR
  • Hong Kong, China – HK
  • Indianapolis, IN – Indy
  • Jacksonville, FL – Jax
  • Kalamazoo, MI – Kazoo
  • Kansas City, MO – KC
  • Las Vegas, NV – Vegas
  • Los Angeles, CA – LA
  • New Orleans, LA – NO or Nawlins
  • New York City, NY – NYC
  • Orange County, CA – The OC
  • Outer Banks, NC – OBX
  • Philadelphia, PA – Philly
  • Pittsburgh, PA – the Burgh
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Rio
  • St. Petersburg, FL – St. Pete
  • San Francisco, CA – SF, San Fran, or Frisco
  • Seattle-Tacoma, WA – Sea-Tac
  • Tijuana, Mexico – TJ (added 10/31/19)
  • Washington, DC – DC
  • Waterloo, Canada – The Loo
  • Winnipeg, Canada – The Peg
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7 Responses to Abbreviated city nicknames

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    FYI: I use OKC for Oklahoma City (have heard it called “Okie City” by some people); plus when I worked for the Post Office we used the standard FAA 3 alpha digit airport codes for cities, like GRR for Grand Rapids, IND for Indianapolis, HSV for the “Rocket City”; Huntsville, Alabama, BHM for the “Magic City”, Birmingham, Alabama, and “MCI” for Kansas City, Missouri, even though I’d probably use “KC”, too (KCMO for Kansas City, Missouri and KCK for Kansas City, Kansas). The reason “MCI” is the standard FAA 3 digit airport code for KC is because originally the City of Kansas City City Council named the then-new (current) airport “Midcontinent International Airport” and notified the FAA; so the FAA chose “MCI” for their new airport (forget what the FAA designation is for their former trunk line airport, now the KCMO downtown airport, primarily for air freight and executive craft, but it does have its own FAA 3 alpha digit code). When the KCMO City Council renamed it “Kansas City International Airport” in 1972 when it opened for traffic, they requested the FAA to redesignate it “KCI”. However, the FAA leaves those designations carved in granite so as not to confuse pilots and companies with constantly changing designations and therefore left their new airport as “MCI”. According to the airport’s web site, “KCI” is used for some airport in South Asia or some other exotic garden spot in that part of the world. Just trivia, bro!


  2. Terry Nobbe says:

    Sea-Tac is a common name for the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Since Seattle and Tacoma are two different cities along the I-5 corridor, I’ve not seen them mentioned together in that abbreviated manner.


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