Unscientific hybrid/electric observations

C-Max - source: mashable.com

C-Max – source: mashable.com

I counted 23 hybrid and/or plug-in electric cars on the trip between Lansing and Grand Rapids Thursday afternoon – 17 eastbound and six westbound, while a total of 26 were counted on Friday evening along the same route – 21 eastbound and 5 westbound.  Two Smart cars were also observed headed westbound Friday evening.

I am certain there were more, but those that do not have a unique body styling are impossible to observe when going in the opposite direction. Models such as Toyota Prius, Ford C-Max, Chevy Volt, and Honda Insight are easily distinguishable, but hybrid versions of Camry, Fusion, Sonata, Highlander, etc. are impossible to distinguish from their standard version.

Just a little unscientific count, but hoping the numbers will increase over time to the point where Michigan is competing with states along the Pacific Coast for most hybrid/plug-in/EV cars on the highways and byways.

UPDATE – On Monday morning (4/22), I observed a total 29 hybrid/plug-in/EVs between Grand Rapids and Lansing.
UPDATE – On Friday evening (5/10), I observed a total of 30 hybrid/plug-in/EVs between Lansing and Grand Rapids – new record.
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