Two EPic EPs by Kitten



While attending the Joy Formidable concert several Monday’s ago, one of the opening acts, Kitten, put on such a stellar and energetic performance that I bought a copy of each of their two EPs, entitled Sunday School and Cut it Out. Both are tremendous mini-albums, the first containing five tracks and the second containing six. Out of the 11 song discography, only one song didn’t ring well with me – “Kitten With a Whip.”

Here is the list of my five favorite tracks from the two EPs:

  • “Kill the Light”
  • “Christina”
  • “Cut it Out”
  • “Chinatown”
  • “G#”

At $5.00 each, both of these EPs are a great deal. Based on these releases and the set played here at The Loft, I am very much looking forward to hearing and buying Kitten’s debut full-length album which is due to be released soon. Check this band out, they are definitely going places.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hi check out this interesting blog on Two EPic EPs by Kitten | Panethos list of alternative rock bands


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