It’s the only way to fly!



Kudos to Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, who announced this past Thursday that Bell’s Brewery will be opening a new brewpub in the Great Hall pre-security shopping/dining portion of the airport terminal. With fantastic beers like Oberon, Lager of the Lakes, Two Hearted Ale, Third Coast, Amber Ale, Christmas Ale, and Kalamazoo Stout, this is a terrific idea to promote and market West Michigan’s amazing beer culture to travelers from around the globe.



I am only amazed that the Grand Rapids-centered breweries didn’t think of this idea first. While close by, Bell’s is based in Kalamazoo about 50 miles to the south. It will be interesting to see if Bell’s does the same thing at Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport at some point in the future.



Finally, superbly crafted beer choices while traveling, rather than being stuck with the hum-drum national brews that are blander than bland and leave a lot to be desired. Hat’s off to both Bell’s and Gerald Ford International Airport for a great idea whose time has come. It will the only way to fly!

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2 Responses to It’s the only way to fly!

  1. Gerald Ford International Airport has all of the facilities you would expect in an airport of its size and function. It has a gift shop, a food hall, children’s play area, business centers, game room, and short/long-term parking. It is full-fledged international airport and continues to modernize to handle ever-increasing air travel demands.


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