Let the good word on bicycles be heard!

This graphic shown below was produced by the League of Michigan Bicyclists and pretty much says it all about the benefits of bicycling to the State of Michigan.  Similar examples can be found nationwide and across the globe.

Source: League of Michigan Bicyclists

Source: League of Michigan Bicyclists

Wednesday, May 22nd is Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day. Here are the key issues for 2013, include:

“Protecting vulnerable roadway users by establishing enhanced penalties for injuring or killing cyclists.”

“Establishing a standard for safe passing of bicyclists on Michigan roads.”

“Revising the right turn hand signal to make an extended right arm legal in Michigan.”

“Allowing bicyclists to bypass malfunctioning traffic lights.”

“Supporting a new Michigan trails and greenways license plate to fund local trail projects.”

“Preventing the Raid on Natural Resources Trust Fund Dollars Available for Trails Projects.”

“Adequately funding safe transportation infrastructure that supports multi-modal use.”

Please consider contacting your local, state, and national representatives and express to them that you want more money spent on bicycle infrastructure and not roads (twice as many jobs are produced as highway projects is one excellent reason, let alone the health and environmental benefits). Let the good word on bicycles be heard!

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  1. trailkrup says:

    Thanks so much for this, Rick!


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