2012 Hybrid/electric vehicle data

Tesla sedan - examiner.com

Tesla sedan – examiner.com

Some fascinating and impressive data provided from evsroll.com on hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) sales in the United States during 2012. Given recent reports of very rapid growth in hybrid and electric vehicle sales by Ford (the Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid were introduced in the second half of 2012), it will be fascinating to see how these statistics change for 2013. Ford has quickly moved into second place in overall hybrid electric vehicle sales in the United States behind Toyota.

The month-by-month comparison in the second chart is particularly interesting as spring and late fall saw rapid growth in hybrid electric vehicle sales. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales really accelerated as 2012 progressed.


Source: www.evsroll.com/Hybrid_Car_Statistics.html

image004HEV – hybrid electric vehicle

PHEV- plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

BEV – battery electric vehicle

Source: www.evsroll.com/Hybrid_Car_Statistics.html


Source: www.evsroll.com/Hybrid_Car_Statistics.html

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