If hybrid/electric car owners ruled the planet…

Source: electricand hybridcars.com

Source: electricandhybridcars.com

Just some fun and hopeful thoughts on a better, safer, cleaner world. Many of these ideas are not as far-fetched as they sound (see weblinks). Enjoy!

  • New SUVs would be outlawed and the owners of existing ones forced to enlist in the military so they can go fight for the stupid oil they are addicted to.
  • Semis, delivery vehicles, transit buses, farm machinery, and intercity buses would be required to convert their entire fleet to hybrid and/or electric models within 10 years.
  • Hybrid/electric lawn mowers, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, and wave riders would be commonplace, affordable, and required.
  • All driver’s education training would be done using hybrid/electric vehicles.
  • All new homes would be constructed with a minimum 440 amp plug in the garage for quicker vehicle recharging.
  • Apartments and condos would be required to provide recharging stations at no extra cost to tenants.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles would receive preferential parking places, discounts on toll roads, and automatic allowance in HOV lanes.
  • All remaining SUVs and other gas guzzlers not getting a minimum of 40 mpg on the highway would pay at least 50 cents more per gallon for gasoline.
  • An artist will create a “Hummer Heaven” monument akin to “Cadillac Ranch” along a lonely stretch of highway to remind us of our past wasteful sins.
  • Big Oil would be broken up into smaller entities (and hopefully fade away into the dustbin of history).
  • Only non-utilities and non-oil companies would be allowed to provide the recharging infrastructure – preferably through non-profit entities or electric cooperatives.
  • Coal-fired power plants would be prohibited as a source of electricity for motor vehicles.
  • Electric recharging stations will be required to be powered by solar, wind, biomass, tides, or other clean energy option.
  • All highway rest areas would include at charging stations like is being employed along Interstate 5 in Washington State.
  • We would all be San Diego Chargers’ fans. : )
Source: westcoastgreenhighway.com

Source: westcoastgreenhighway.com

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