Leading the charge, pt. 2 – states with best EV station access

Source: lonestarcfa.org

Source: lonestarcfa.org

While the total number of electric vehicle charging stations is one measure of successful employment of charging station infrastructure (see post from 5/11/13), to the average driver, ease of accessibility is a better measure. Once again, Tennessee is the big surprise placing in fourth and disrupting the continuum of West Coast states in the Top 5. This Michigander is very pleased to see his state listed in the Top 10, albeit the only representative from the Midwest of Great Lakes. The West Coast, Southeast, and New England lead the charge with five, four, and two representatives respectively.

Here is a list of the 15 states that have the best accessibility to electric vehicle charging stations as measured by the number of residents per charging station (total population in 2012/number of stations in April 2013).

1.     Hawaii – one per 4,059 residents

2.     Oregon – one per 4,587 residents

3.     Washington – one per 5,935 residents

4.     Tennessee – one per 8,265 residents

5.     Arizona – one per 8,680 residents

6.     California – one per 8,961 residents

7.     Maryland – one per 13,344 residents

8.     Massachusetts – one per 14,051 residents

9.     Michigan – one per 14,577 residents

10.  Vermont – one per 16,474 residents

11.  Texas – one per 17,800 residents

12.  North Carolina – one per 19,011 residents

13.  Connecticut – one per 20,400 residents

14.  Florida – one per 21,952 residents

15.  South Carolina – one per 22,494 residents

Sources: en.wikipedia.org for population 2012 estimates and the Alternative Fuel Data Center for EV station numbers

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