Now is NOT the time to relent – fossil fuels are still fossil fuels



Given the ongoing North American oil production boom, there will no doubt be a tendency by those without any foresight (and in Big Oil) to push for scaling back incentives for clean, renewable energy resources like wind and solar; funding for transit and active transportations options; and incentives for producing and buying hybrid/electric vehicles. That is exactly the WRONG thing to do!

Since the nation has been given a temporary window of opportunity to get our collective acts together, we better not relent on our push for clean/green energy sources now. If we want a smoother transition to clean/green energy and not another energy shock, the our leaders must remain steadfast in pursuing a growing and diversified renewable energy portfolio.

One would think the United States would learn from past history, but given the tendency of some in this country to re-write or outright disregard history altogether, I am not confident the nation won’t fall off the wagon and become re-addicted to oil. Aside from that, fossil fuel is fossil fuel. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from the Middle East or the Midwest, it’s still the same nasty pollutant that increases our carbon footprint, fouls our waters, and increases global warming. Now is definitely NOT the time to relent. NOW is the time to accelerate our transition to cleaner/greener energy options. Our children and grandchildren will thank us for doing so. To do otherwise would be a shameful legacy.

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1 Response to Now is NOT the time to relent – fossil fuels are still fossil fuels

  1. Terry Nobbe says:

    Rick: It’s too late, our country (and most of the rest of the world) are hopelessly in love with and unwilling to really change relative to fossil fuel usage. Even though the chain driven bicycle as we know it has been in consistent production for nearly 130 years, motor vehicles have been in production almost as long


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