A trip to Oddside Ales

IMG_0810Made a road trip yesterday to Grand Haven that among other things included a short brew respite at Oddside Ales. A quaint and enjoyable microbrewery, Oddside produces quite a range of beers for being a small brewer. I tried out one of their samplers and enjoyed many of the offerings, particularly Raspberry Wheat and Citra Pale Ale. Oddside Ales also has found a unique way to serve and sell their beers – glass mason jars. Nice deal to buy one for your brewpub collection at just $5.00.


Situated in a handsomely renovated piano factory, right in the very heart of vibrant Grand Haven, Michigan, Oddside Ales struck me as a very popular local gathering place for tourists, but particularly local residents. Unlike any other brewpub or microbrewery I have visited, Oddside Ales strongly caters to bringing people together in participatory activities. Aside for the typical weekly trivia contest, Oddside has a dart league with a clearly defined tossing area (no seats in this area), a lounge area for reading and conversation, and what was particularly noticeable – games. While there, I observed groups planning both Jinga and Apples to Apples. Checkers appeared to be another popular pastime.


While food, other than popcorn, peanuts, or kettle chips, is not available, guests are welcome to bring a meal with them while enjoying the favorite brews. Next time you are headed to the sandy beaches of Grand Haven, try stopping by Oddside Ales for some fun, games, and flavorful brews.

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