Fusing live art, social equity, and planning

I had the pleasure to attend the Michigan Association of Planning’s (MAP) Spring Institute today (May 23rd). My hat’s off to MAP and its entire staff/directors/committees on a terrific series of programs on social equity.

One of the most unusual and useful aspects about the conference was how live art was actively blended into the program with graphic illustrations of each presentation prepared by Ronna Alexander as the presentation was actually taking place. Her images brought new life and dimension each presentation in a way that many of us had never experienced before, while also pinpointing the key points made by the speakers.

Below are a series of photographs of her amazing work from today’s Spring Institute – posted on this site with her permission. My thanks to Ronna for allowing them to be posted.



Ronna Alexander




Graphic illustration as it is under construction.





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4 Responses to Fusing live art, social equity, and planning

  1. basil berchekas jr says:

    Wish to stay with this type blog…these state meetings sometimes show the national conferences “how to do it”…


  2. Erik says:

    WOW! That is good stuff. It’s usually just write down ideas and you’re left with a boring white sheet that doesn’t really tell the true story. She might have a new niche!


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