The magic of “Now You See Me”



Despite mediocre reviews, my two younger sons and I saw the recently released motion picture, Now You See Me last night. Boy, am I glad we did. the critics could not be more wrong. Fortunately, the average movie-goer has a better appreciation of the film.

Now You See Me is a thoroughly entertaining film that transports you through a Robin Hood-like crime spree conducted by a group of four magicians referred to as The Four Horsemen. Sure, there are a few moments that you must briefly suspend logic, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable and intriguing. Tell me a science-fiction or action film that doesn’t depend on at least some suspension of logic – just because we don’t understand something doesn’t make it any less possible.

I can tell you that the climax will definitely surprise you and the repartee between the actors will make you laugh out loud at times. Woody Harrelson is particularly funny in his role and as usual Morgan Freeman is excellent. I also greatly enjoyed Melanie Laurent’s performance.

If you like a fast action film with a series of magical twists and turns, go see Now You See Me! Here’s the official trailer.

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