Do you…Smart Commute?



Here in Greater Lansing we are in the midst of day number three of Smart Commute 2013 – a two-week long competition between teams who toss aside the passe’ OPOC (one person one car) mindset and utilize smart/clean/active transportation options for daily trips to work, school, church, shopping, etc. Smart Commute mode options include cycling, walking, carpooling, telecommuting, vanpooling, public transit, kayaking, and other similar modes.



Teams can consist of co-workers, classmates, church goers, neighborhoods, friends, and other combinations and tally each smart commute trip (one direction) as one point. The team with the most points by the end of the two weeks wins. But, the longer term goal is to get people out of their cars for more than just two weeks. This benefits their health, their pocketbook, the environment, and reduces congestion on local streets. Sounds like a win-win-win-win situation. That’s better than chances of winning the lottery.



Smart Commute was established and is organized by the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Coalition (Mid-MEAC). For more details on Smart Commute, here is a weblink.

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