Three favorite hybrid car logos

Below are my three favorite hybrid car nameplate logos. The first (and easily my favorite) is from Ford and includes a small segment of roadway with a green leaf. To me, this says it all and is a great design for sustainability branding. Pre-2013 models have the roadway/leaf logo on the left side of the “hybrid” text, while 2013 models have it following the text.



The second comes from the leader in hybrid car technology, Toyota. While not as eye-popping as Ford’s logo, you know it when you see it on the Prius, Camry, and Highlander.



Lastly is one that is still visible on the roads but becoming rarer due to GM’s decision to end the Saturn brand a few years back. Personally, I thought Saturn had GM’s best line-up of cars at the time of its demise. This logo s very noticeable due to the enlarged “H.” It can be seen on the Saturn Vue.



While other car manufacturers build hybrid cars, none of the logos I have seen have the pizzaz of these three. Hopefully, as time passes, more innovative forms of hybrid nameplate logos will become evident in the market.

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