You know your community is rural when…



Just a poking little fun for the holiday weekend. Have no fear urbanites and suburbanites, your turn is coming soon. In the spirit of Burma Shave:

“Being rural…ain’t no sin…what really matters…comes from within!”  Enjoy!

  • Outhouses are the latest fad.
  • Traffic jams consist of tractors, pick-ups, combines, and sometimes roaming livestock.
  • Residents paint “See Rock City” and “Chew Mail Pouch” on their house and barn roofs.
  • Mayberry looks like a metropolis in comparison.
  • Burma Shave still files for new sign permits.



  • Green Acres is the number one television show.
  • The stores sell phones, not cellphones.
  • Apple is a fruit that is grown there.
  • All roads lead to …nowhere.
  • Dust is the number one commodity.
  • Wyoming or Montana try to annex you.
  • Alaska is overpopulated in comparison.
  • Tumbleweed per square mile exceeds dandelions per square mile.
  • Dust (or dirt) devils are NOT a type of vacuum sweeper.
  • The satellite dish is the state flower.
  • The post office, UPS, and Fedex cannot find you.
  • There are no streets, only roads, trails, and two-tracks.
  • Walmart is considered high fashion.
  • You have a store called Rural King (yes there is such a thing).



  • Nothing smells sweeter than herbicide in the morning.
  • The airport has more crop duster flights than passenger or freight.
  • Trains don’t stop there anymore (not a good thing).
  • Coffee is served hot and black only!
  • Woodstock is what you use to heat your home in winter.
  • Grain elevators are the skyscrapers – I especially love the ones in Western Canada (see below).
  • Running water is a nearby stream.
  • Teddy Roosevelt was the last politician to visit.


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9 Responses to You know your community is rural when…

  1. Erik says:

    We made a wrong turn and wound up in bustling Coloma. Interesting. Some pretty neat buildings though.


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  3. …your dad not only teaches the dog to sit on the lawn tractor, but to operate it as well.


  4. Ron Melin says:

    The local burger joint is locally owned, not part of a chain.


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