Your community is a ghost town when…



The fifth of these satirical postings –  you know your community is a ghost town when…

  • Nobody is reading this.
  • “Thing” waves hello as you arrive and goodbye as you depart.



  • No one leaves town, they only depart.
  • No one, including you, lives there anymore.
  • Ghost and Monsters, Inc. are the only movies that have ever played at the local theater and drive-in.
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was the favorite television show.
  • The Ghostbusters are public enemy number one!
  • Tumbleweeds have traffic jams instead of cars.
  • The only horses raised in the area are nightmares.
  • Casper or Herman Munster are the mayor.
  • Halloween is every day and no one ever has any treats.
  • You hobnob with goblins.
  • Even the bypass is devoid of traffic.
  • There is no such thing as economic development.
  • There are more bodies in the cemetery than in town.
  • Ghost Town Lullabies (great record) is the only record played on the radio.
  • The community mascot is the grim reaper.
  • Morticia is the town gardener.
  • Free boots are available at Boot Hill.
  • Every time the wind blows…shutters throughout town slam shut…and then reopen.
  • Your community actually sits on a table surrounding by Gomez Addams’ train set.



  • There is no present or future there.
  • Tombstone is the only pizza available within 100 miles.



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