Your community is a “sprawl blob” when…



Here is the sixth in this satirical series. You’re know your community is an urban “sprawl blob” that’s visible from outer space when…

  • You cannot tell when you have arrived or when you have left.
  • There is no “there,” there.
  • You’d swear you driven past that same McDonald’s five times, but you haven’t.
  • Development names sound like other (nicer) places: Central Park, Piccadilly, Times Square, Malibu, Prestwick, etc.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists must fend for themselves.
  • The “horizon” is simply considered an urban legend.
  • Development in your community doesn’t just leap-frog, it pole vaults!



  • Walking is something Grandma and Grandpa used to do in the good old days.
  • Cars rule the roost!
  • Asphalt is the local currency.
  • Streets, roads, and highways serve as parking lots most of the day.
  • Deer and antelope no longer play there.
  • Street lights are unnecessary due to all the commercial glitz.



  • Historic buildings are torn down and replaced by crap.
  • Standardization is the norm.
  • “Bland” pretty much describes your community in one word.
  • Commercial corridors look like something out of a video arcade.
  • Design and landscaping standards took an extended holiday.
  • Nature is an over-manicured lawn devoid of life.
  • Brake lights and the brakes are the first parts to wear out on cars.
  • The scenic vistas are no longer visible.
  • The Blob is the most popular movie in town.



  • Develop-mints are the most popular candy in town.
  • The stars are no longer visible at night.
  • A special permit is required if a submitted plan does NOT include a drive-through.
  • Stacking spaces are three-dimensional.
  • People keep saying, “Houston, we have a problem” and they are not talking about spacecraft.
  • Airplanes, birds, bats, butterflies, bees, and UFOs all lose their sense of direction when flying overhead.
  • Your community is proud to be the sole cause of global warming and climate change.
  • Los Angeles doesn’t want to look a thing like your community.
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3 Responses to Your community is a “sprawl blob” when…

  1. …existence is futile.


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