Your zoning code/map is out of date when…

  • You start sneezing from all the dust when you open the code.
  • It would be a valuable find on Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers.

  • The Smithsonian wants to put it on display.
  • Your community would actually look better planned without a zoning ordinance or map.
  • Off-street parking requirements are based on wagon measurements (unless you are in Amish country).
  • Setbacks are measured in rods instead of feet.
  • Corporations are actually NOT referred to as persons.
  • You have one zoning district.
  • The pages are turning yellow.
  • It refers to “old folks homes” and “homes for the aged.”
  • It refers solely to “churches” instead of “places of worship” or “religious institutions.”
  • The “fencing” regulations sound more like rules for a competitive Olympic sport

    rather than a zoning standard.

  • “Drive-thrus/throughs” are referred to as only “drive-ins.” There is a difference!
  • There are only six terms defined in your definition section.
  • There is enough land zoned industrial to rebuild Gary or Pittsburgh.
  • There is no mention whatsoever of bicycles or pedestrians.
  • Your ordinance refers to a “notions store.” What the heck is that…some place you go to shop when you have a notion to do so?
  • Mixed uses are prohibited.
  • Your code is titled the “Euclidean Zoning Ordinance of _______” (fill in the blank).
  • The sign standards resemble something more appropriate for Las Vegas.
  • The number of variances heard in a given year exceeds the total number of pages in the code book.
  • The ordinance it written in Sanskrit on papyrus.
  • Carbon paper is stuck between the pages.


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6 Responses to Your zoning code/map is out of date when…

  1. Randy Mellinger says:

    When you still require special use permits for discotheques


  2. Renata says:

    when they have a definition for the “fallout shelter”


  3. Deb says:

    when it has regulations about standup video games.


  4. In Australia, land under the control of the Commonwealth (federal) government is not subject to state planning controls. The United States and other federal countries are similar. Zoning and urban planning in France and Germany are regulated by national or federal codes. In the case of Germany this code includes contents of zoning plans as well as the legal procedure.


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