Your zoning code/map is ahead of its time when…

  • There is an app for that.
  • There is a required vertical altitude setback from flying car streets and highways.



  • Your code book is entitled “Jetsonian Code for ___” (fill in the blank).
  • You can actually find them on the internet.
  • Landing pads are required instead of driveways.
  • Stacking spaces are vertical instead of horizontal.
  • The zoning map is three dimensional.
  • The zoning map includes designations on future annexations some 20 miles out from the current city limits.
  • Space sprockets are a permitted use by right.
  • Space docks are listed as an accessory structure instead of garages.
  • Moving dog paths are an accessory use.



  • Mixed uses are permitted by right.
  • Billboards are prohibited on the ground and in the air.
  • Your community has adopted one and Houston still has not.
  • Solar panels and/or solar arrays are required for all new developments.
  • Green roofs are encouraged and/or required.
  • Recycling stations are mandatory instead of dumpsters.
  • EV charging stations are required for all new developments and redevelopments.
  • Starfleet Academy satellite campuses are a public land use.
  • The code is implanted in each person’s brain, a la Total Recall.
  • Spaceports replace airports.
  • The bicycle parking standards are more comprehensive than the motor vehicle parking standards.
  • Code Enforcement Officers spot violations by drone and/or spy satellite.
  • Code violators are banished to the asteroid belt.
  • Professional planners on Mars, Titan, and Europa cut and paste parts of your zoning code to use in their own ordinance. (planners never would do that) : )
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