Your community is a resort town when…


  • Lodging chains that have long-since disappeared everywhere else still have an operating location here.
  • People will “resort” to almost anything.
  • Golf cart racing is a favorite sport.



  • Sandals outsell shoes.
  • The seasons are “peak” and “off-peak.”
  • The locals start eating dinner at 4:00 pm.
  • Sunday drivers are on the roads every day of the week.
  • One can giggle from reading the quirky hotel names.



  • You can see every license plate in the USA and Canada in one afternoon.
  • Putt-putt, bingo, and shuffleboard are still very popular.
  • Room rates per night vary like gasoline prices.
  • You have airline flights to more places than any other town of your population size.
  • Tourist traps are considered an economic development tool.
  • Ten times more tickets are issued to out-of-state drivers than the locals.
  • Insurance companies offer discounts to multi-yacht owners.
  • Most garages have a separate overhead door and space for golf carts.
  • The yacht club and the golf clubhouse are the two most popular social venues.
  • The locals clear out of town during spring break.
  • Blue hair is NOT intended as a fashion statement.
  • There is absolutely no other logical reason for a town to be located there.
  • “The Last Resort” by the Eagles describes the town perfectly.
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