Review of “Monsters University”



I am always a bit leery of prequels. Considering we know what is going to happen in the future from the original movie, a prequel has the risk of telling us nothing new and therefore could lose its edginess.

That being said, I enjoyed Monsters University much more than I thought I would. It may not have the innovative “wow” factor of the original Monsters Inc., but the film did have a very nice story line, good plot, plenty of funny gags, and some likable new characters. At the same time, I do feel Pixar has lost some of its “vibe” ever since Dislandia took it over, but that did not diminish the enjoyability of the film.

One thing my two younger sons (who saw Monsters University with me) and I agreed upon is, why doesn’t Disney/Pixar release any sequel(s) of The Incredibles.  That movie and those great characters seem like a perfect fit for sequels (or prequels) – far more than Cars or Monsters Inc. Oh well, if I (we) were only King!

If you get the chance, try to cram a viewing of Monsters University into your class schedule – you will giggle at many of the “college-related” jokes or sights, and even laugh out loud a few times. It may not be Pixar’s best, but it sure beats a lot of the celluloid garbage out there.

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