Sports/games that should have been invented

If haggis hurling/tossing can be a sport, so can these. Look for them on a cable channel near you! Stay tuned for more.

  • Slam dunk wiffle ball



  • Reverse role deer hunting
  • Medicine ball shot put
  • Curling hurling
  • Sky-high jumping (with or without a parachute)
  • Pissed–off putter javelin


    Pissed-off putter javelin – Source:

  • Golf ball deep-sea diving
  • Greased skunk catching
  • Rodeo Drive broncho busting
  • Ice wrestling (oops, they have the already in the NHL)
  • Balance beam Twister
  • Shark tank Marco Polo (will probably be on the Discovery Channel next year)
  • Thin ice skating
  • Bicycle barrel racing
  • Active volcano leap day (held once every four years)
  • Tweety Bird badminton
  • Brewpub hopping
  • Angry turd Toss Across or cornhole



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