Your community is a one-horse town when…

  • Mister Ed speaks on behalf of everyone.
  • The primary street is called “Mane Street,” not “Main Street.”images
  • Silver is everyone’s favorite mineral and color. (think about it people – “with a hearty hi-ho Silver and away!”)
  • All motor vehicles are limited to one-horsepower.
  • There is a manure system as well as a sewer system.
  • Pony kegs are the beer drinking vessel of choice.
  • Everyone talks in a “hoarse” voice.
  • Everyone with long hair wears a pony tail.
  • Each triple crown race is a national holiday.
  • Two horses would be a crowd.
  • The economy is very “stable.”
  • Saddle sores are commonplace.
  • Trouble makers like to “stirrup” trouble.
  • Everyone are fans of the Indy Colts or the Denver Broncos.



  • Police use “corralled control.”
  • Oats and rye are the main staples at the grocery store.
  • Swatting flies with one’s tail is a favorite pastime.
  • There is just one horse fly for the one horse.
  • Band of Horses are the most popular musicians.
  • Playing horseshoes is the favorite spectator sport.
  • Horsing around is required!
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