Your community is dumpy when…

  • Landfill acreage exceeds park acreage.
  • There are residents with the first name of Humpty.
  • No refuse is refused.
  • People can smell it before they arrive.
  • Pig Pen is Mayor.



  • Junk and salvage yards are welcome in any zoning district.
  • Activities where “haste makes waste” are encouraged!
  • Dump truck ownership exceeds pick-up truck ownership.
  • It leads the world in dumpster manufacturing.
  • Trash and debris are considered acceptable forms of landscaping.
  • Being “dumped” on is commonplace.
  • Recycling means riding your bike more than once.
  • “Ode da’ dirty diaper” is the best-selling perfume/cologne fragrance.
  • People are fined for NOT littering.
  • A junk yard dog is the school mascot.
  • People come from other communities to dump their trash there.
  • You have a skiing hill or a park called Mt. Trashmore.
  • Pollution is NOT a dirty word.
  • Residents don’t get mad, they get Glad!



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2 Responses to Your community is dumpy when…

  1. LOL! Mostly. I think “Mt. Trashmore” might not belong; apparently there must be more than one. There’s one in Evanston IL used by kids for winter sledding. Evanston is definitely NOT “dumpy.” And I’m spurred to research dumpster-manufacturing meccas.


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