Guest post – “Countryside” vs. “backside”



Why is it that while I am looking at the most beautiful countryside in the world, all I want to do is take pictures of Ireland’s toilets. Has jet lag morphed me into acting like a 12-year-old boy? I have been here 2 days and have yet to see the same toilet twice.  Ireland’s intercity railway, Iamrod Eireann, had the most interesting toilet thus far (see photo below).


Irish Rail – Source:

Some advice to those of you willing to give it a go:  make sure you push the “Lock” button.  It’s lit up in bright red dots so you can’t miss it. However, almost everyone forgets to do this the first time.  As it turns out, that is the only time you will make that mistake!

20130922_065601I also recommend veering your gaze away from the toilet when first opening the door to avoid completely embarrassing current occupants who DID NOT notice the bright red, huge, blinking, buzzing button shouting:  “For the love of God, please hit me!”  That way you’ll be sure to have lovely memories of Ireland’s countryside as opposed to someone’s backside…

Kathy D.

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