Another tale from the North Country Trail

IMG_1687Kathy and I took another trek along a 5.7 mile segment of the North Country National Scenic Trail yesterday afternoon, primarily in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. This segment took us through the Michigan State University/Kellogg Forest, the MSU/Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, and the MSU/Kellogg Biological Station, each situated just north of the quaint trail village of Augusta, Michigan.

Historic Park Theater in Augusta, Michigan

Historic Park Theater in Augusta, Michigan

One of our favorite parts of yesterday’s hike was the stunningly scenic Augusta Creek. Wintergreen Lake was another beauty, though you could not get close to it on the biological station property. Got to admit that the lake’s name (Wintergreen) is one of my favorites I’ve heard.

As an urban planner, the Village of Augusta is in a perfect position to take advantage of the array of outdoor recreational activities, historic sites, and scenic wonders located in and around the community, including:

Augusta Creek

Fast flowing and lovely Augusta Creek

This was another enjoyable hike, though poor directional markings leading north from M-89 caused us to follow a bridle  trail (watch you step) for part of the way. We rectified this missed portion by backtracking along that part of the trail on our return to the car.

Gusty winds and changeable weather made the trek more challenging, but all in all it was a lovely way to spent the second weekend in November (especially without snow). enjoy the photo montage.


Covered bridge over Augusta Creek


Shelter and memorial rest station



Wintergreen Lake

Wintergreen Lake


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