An amazing, gritty film – “Dallas Buyer’s Club”



Oh my goodness, is Matthew McConaughey on a roll. First Mud, now Dallas Buyers Club. Is it possible to hand out two best actor Oscars to the same person in one year? I certainly hope so, because he deserves two for these performances – he is hardly recognizable in this film as he portrays a hard-drinking, drug-using, womanizing rodeo cowboy who becomes afflicted with AIDS. Dallas Buyers Club is an amazingly poignant and gritty movie that angers you, makes you laugh, makes you cringe, embarrasses you, and eventually brings you to tears and cheers. It is stellar motion picture that should (must) win numerous awards.

Dallas Buyer’s Club is not a movie for everyone, as it reeks with f-bombs, drug use, and nudity. That being said, this true story about the life of Ron Woodroof will touch your heart and give you hope that anyone, yes anyone can learn to open their heart and mind and love others, despite their differences.

Jared Leto, who plays Matthew’s business partner Rayon, is also superb and definitely deserves a best supporting actor nomination and award. Jennifer Garner is also terrific in her supporting role.

Go see Dallas Buyer’s Club! I highly recommend it, but it is definitely not for the young or the faint of heart.

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