2013’s top album – “Soft Will” by Smith Westerns

Source: albumoftheyear.org

Source: albumoftheyear.org

I have got to admit that I discovered this album later in the calendar year even though it was released in the summer. Despite my tardiness, the crisp, melodic indie/alternative  rock sounds and the fine lyrics of Soft Will make it well worth the wait. Chicago’s Smith Westerns have a delightful knack of making great music that is enjoyable to listen to whether the subject of the song is happy or melancholy. In many ways this makes each song more powerful, as I believe one is more apt to listen to the lyrics than those tunes that immediately come off as dark and foreboding.

Source: stereogum.com

Source: stereogum.com

The Smith Westerns consist of:

  • Cullen Omori – lead vocals and guitar
  • Cameron Omori – bass
  • Max Kakacek – guitar
  • Julien Ehrlich – drums

Each of the ten album tracks on Soft Will brings its own level musical enjoyment when listening to the record, but here is my personal list of favorite tracks:

  • “Idol”    – oh my, what a great song and the video is fun too! The guitars are simply magical.
  • “Varsity”
  • “White Oath”
  • “3 AM Spiritual”
  • “Only Natural”
  • “Best Friends”
  • “Cheer Up”

Great work, Smith Westerns! Thank you for producing and releasing such a superb record that has me re-exploring your past releases and looking forward to your future ones. I am hoping to see you perform these songs at a venue here in Michigan very, very soon.

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