Ten cool urban tree canopy maps

Below are a cool and coloful assortment of urban tree canopy maps from around the United States to enjoy on these cold, snowy, and gray days. Each of the maps is unique unto itself, but all clearly depict the green infrastructure of the tree canopy within the urban landscape and provide useful environmental information. Given the importance of trees for cleansing the air; producing oxygen; lowering temperatures in the urban heat island; and providing food, shelter, and cover for wildlife, these maps are a crucial part of any urban planning effort.

While I like the depiction of the tree canopy over a satellite/aerial image, the most useful ones, from a future planning perspective, would seem to be those maps that break down the percentage of tree cover/canopy by neighborhood or census tract. Enjoy!

Charlottesville, Virginia - Source : americanforests.org

Charlottesville, Virginia – Source : americanforests.org

Fayetteville, Arkansas - Source: accessfayetteville.org

Fayetteville, Arkansas – Source: accessfayetteville.org

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Source: blogsmprnews.org

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Source: blogsmprnews.org

Detroit - Source: datadrivendetroit.org

Detroit, Michigan – Source: datadrivendetroit.org

Cincinnati - Source: midwestutc,org

Cincinnati, Ohio – Source: midwestutc,org

Annapolis, Maryland -  Source: dnr.state.md.us

Annapolis, Maryland – Source: dnr.state.md.us

Grand Rapids, Michigan - Soutce: mlive.com

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Soutce: mlive.com

Tacoma, Washington - Source: cityoftacoma.org

Tacoma, Washington – Source: cityoftacoma.org

Edmond, Oklahoma - Source: edmondok.com

Edmond, Oklahoma – Source: edmondok.com

New Haven, Connecticut - Source: environment.yal.edu

New Haven, Connecticut – Source: environment.yal.edu

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