Mapping an ice storm’s impact

Click on map to enlarge - Source:

Click on map to enlarge – Source:

Above is an interesting map of the power outages reported from the major ice storm that took place here in Mid-Michigan Saturday night and Sunday. The map outlines the service area of Consumer Energy in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan and then depict the reported number of outages as f this morning. Please note that the map does not include another 35,000 homes in Greater Lansing serviced by the Lansing Board of Water and Light that have reported power outages. More than 400,000 homes are without power at this time in Michigan, with most being situated along this swath of the state. If you click on the map it will enlarge for a better view.

Below is a breakdown of the ten most affected counties/major cities in the state as of 12 noon on Monday, December 23rd:

  1. Genesee/Flint (65,531)
  2. Ingham/Lansing (50,000) 35,000 Lansing Board of Water and Light, plus 14,996 Consumers Energy
  3. Shiawassee/Woods (20,560)
  4. Barry/Hastings (18,252)
  5. Kent/Grand Rapids (16,356)
  6. Eaton/Lansing (14,714)
  7. Clinton/Lansing (12,767)
  8. Calhoun/Battle Creek (10,710)
  9. Ionia/Ionia (6,114)
  10. Kalamazoo/Kalamazoo (4,865)

Sources: Consumers Energy and Lansing Board of Water and Light press releases.

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