Winter scenes on the Boulder Creek Path


View of beautiful Boulder Creek from one of the trail bridges.

Below are series of photos from my morning hike with my middle son this past Monday, January 6th, along portions of the 5.5 mile long Boulder Creek Path near the campus of the University of Colorado. It was absolutely gorgeous on this bone-chilling, but bright and sunny morning. Though the photos don’t show them, we saw at least six bike riders pedaling their fat tires, plus a number of walkers, even though classes don’t resume until next week.



The freshly fallen snow was cleared for easy use of the path/trail, which is an important east-west active transportation route through the city. Also impressive was the fact that a number of areas of the path had to be repaired and/or rebuilt following the September flooding. Kudos on the quick repair work to all!

One of my favorite aspects of the path was listening to the rushing waters of Boulder Creek flow beside you as you walk. Combined with the new fallen snow and views of the Rockies, the whole scene was quite breathtaking. Just another reason, Colorado is one of my favorite states.

Congrats to all the citizens of Boulder for having such a stellar recreational and commuting amenity as part of the city’s greenway system. I cannot wait to return to Boulder very soon to visit my son in grad school and to hike/bike additional segments of the path during other seasons of the year.







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1 Response to Winter scenes on the Boulder Creek Path

  1. This is post flood? Looks pretty damned good if that’s the case.

    I briefly stopped in Boulder on my way to Idaho this summer and remember riding parts or the trail you photographed. I must say that while I liked the town and you definitely have one of the best pedestrian zones in the US, I found that the bicycle infrastructure didn’t live up to the hype at all. It was merely good.


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