DIA – Denver’s incredible airport

Source: flydenver.com

Source: flydenver.com


Jeppesen Terminal with railway station under construction on the left.

I have had the pleasure of flying through Denver International Airport (DIA) three times now. Each visit  to Denver I am more and more impressed by this enormous 35,000 acre facility. Not only is the airport  designed to be functional, for future growth, and sized to avoid noise impact issues with its neighbors, but it is an architectural and artistic gem that includes many environmentally friendly features like solar power generation and both internal and external passenger rail.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Source: denverpost.com

Blue Mustang – Source: denverpost.com

Even if you are not a Denver Bronco’s fan, anyone has to be impressed by the magnificent sky-high blue mustang statue by the late sculptor Luiz Jimenez located south of the main highway entrance to Jeppesen Terminal. In addition, the terminal building’s awesome snow-capped Rocky Mountain replica rooftop is truly inspiring, though I must admit it also looks like Native American teepees on the prairie to me.

Source: flydenver.com

Source: flydenver.com

Functionally, the airport has three satellite concourses (A, B, and C) where passengers board flights and/or disembark. These are connected to the main terminal by an efficient (and very busy) automated, dual-track automated transit system.  Very soon, the Jeppesen Terminal will be directly connected to downtown Denver by the high-speed East Rail commuter line.

Source: bombardier.com

Source: bombardier.com

Source: rtd-fastracks.com

Source: rtd-fastracks.com

A magnificent new railway station is currently under construction abutting the Jeppesen Terminal that will provide this speedy link to Union Station in downtown Denver.

New DIA railway station - Source: inhabit.com

New DIA railway station with Jeppesen Terminal in the background – Source: inhabit.com

If walking is your preference, Concourse A is also connected to the Jeppesen Terminal by a seriously cool skybridge. The skybridge s my personally preferred route to Concourse A because you have such great views of the airport tarmac, taxiing aircraft, and the inspiring Rockies to the west. Kids will love the views.


View of Concourse A


View of Concourse A and tarmac from Skybridge.

Kudos to everyone in Denver for providing the traveling public with this amazing airport. Kudos as well to all of those who work in and around the airport, as I have found them to be friendly and helpful. Denver International has easily become my favorite major airport, as despite is tremendous size and scale, you feel it was designed to be enjoyable on a human scale as well. Here are some more photos of this incredible airport.


Jeppesen Terminal in October, 2013 with railway station construction where the cranes are.

Inside Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport

Inside Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport

DIA control tower and one of the concourse control towers

DIA control tower and one of the concourse control towers

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4 Responses to DIA – Denver’s incredible airport

  1. I love DIA as an airport and it looks like the new facilities will make it even better. One negative that I think can be improved is the rental car area–particularly lack of a coherent signage program and landscaping.

  2. Michelle Tatom says:

    I love the Denver airport. Next to Orlando International Airport (where I work) it is the best in the country.

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