“Small towns?” – Who are they kidding?

Source: smalltowngems.com


With all apologies to Business Insider, since when are cities that exceed 100,000 in population, or even exceeding 60,000 in population, considered to be “small towns?” At least they included the population of each community in their list of the ten best small towns, but 113,000 and 60,000 residents hardly constitute a “small town” in this urban planner’s book.

Both Denton, Texas and Burnsville, Minnesota are very nice growing cities, as well as suburbs – Denton of Dallas-Fort Worth and Burnsville of Minneapolis-St. Paul. If these are “small towns,” then New York City must be virtually a ghost town.

Anybody think I am incorrect with voicing concerns about them including Denton and Burnsville in a list of the best small towns?

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6 Responses to “Small towns?” – Who are they kidding?

  1. Dean Neal says:

    You’re exactly right. I’d say population less than 25,000 is a small city and less thn 10,000 is a small town! But, I’m from a State full of small towns so I know em when I see em!


  2. Avagenza Clarks says:

    My Mom once lived near a town in North Dakota, where there were only 2 residents, a man & a woman of whom were not married. They had both lived there all their lives, & even on the Welcome sign it said residents: 2 there was a gas station, a drug store, a Post office and a few other run down old buildings. Now I would say this is a “Small town” ^o^ My Mom doesn’t remember the name of this little town. Sorry -.-


  3. Y.D. Robinson says:

    Countries (whether they are independent or dependencies) like Monaco, Gibraltar, Greenland, Bermuda, Antigua-Barbuda, or Aruba which have less than 100,000 people are considered very small in population. Even countries with less than 1,000,000 people (like Iceland, Barbados, Cyprus, or Guyana) are considered quite small countries.


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