Which city is best for you?

Just a little lighthearted Saturday fun today. Below is a link to a fun city compatibility test on Buzzfeed that identifies what city would be most compatible with you lifestyle and beliefs. My answer was Portland, Oregon.


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3 Responses to Which city is best for you?

  1. the Axis4 Group says:

    I took a test like this once and it said Miami. I”M TOTALLY A PORTLAND PERSON! I’m going to take your test, but if it tells me to move to Cleveland, I’m not moving again! -JK


  2. the Axis4 Group says:

    Barce-friggen-lona! I like it. -Still JK Now, I’m gonna go take it like myself and not my mother.


  3. CuJoYYC says:

    Lucky me. I got Paris. My favourite city. Oh so walkable. Drinking wine, eating charcuterie and amazing cheese with a fresh baguette by the Seine – so civilized.


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