Can you guess the city, #4?

Well…given the number of correct responses, satellite image #3 seemed to be rather easy. Congratulations to all those who identified the city correctly. Here’s #4…hopefully a little more challenging. The answer will be revealed over the weekend when #5 is posted.

fyi – because it’s a satellite image, do not assume that true north is always at the top of the photo. Also, don’t bother clicking on this image because the name of the city would have appeared, so I shortened the url. Good luck to all.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Motorvilleboy for correctly guessing Manila, the Philippines. 


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6 Responses to Can you guess the city, #4?

  1. bad tim says:

    madison, wi


  2. Motorvilleboy says:

    Not square enough to be Madison, or any US city. The ring road looks European, but it doesn’t match any city there I know. So it’s something formerly colonial. I thought Buenos Aires, but the upper right dark space wouldn’t be there, I’m guessing Manila.


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